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Affiliate 101 - Content Preselling    

Content Preselling

The fundamental difference between a fly by night affiliate and a savvy affiliate who earns full time income from affiliate marketing on a steady basis is that the latter knows how to effectively presell the product he’s promoting.

What you must understand as an affiliate marketer is that your job is not to make the sale (this is the job of my sales letter which was split tested and tweaked for months to maximize its conversions). Your job as an affiliate is to presell the product, or in other words to send “qualified” visitors to my sales letter that are ready to buy.

Most novice affiliate marketers will send visitors directly to the sales page. While that method may work, in some cases, the results can hardly be compared to sending pre-qualified visitors to the sales letter who are eager to buy.

Your focus as an affiliate marketer should always be to build credibility and value for the product in the eyes of the visitor prior to sending the he or she to the sales letter. By the time the visitor enters my sales letter he is warmed up, biased and thinks positively about the product.

Since it’s a lot easier for a person to make a purchase if they are already familiar with you and if they trust you, developing familiarity (using high quality relevant content) will breed trust and trust will generate more sales.

Pre-selling actually transforms the psychological state of mind of a visitor from a person who bumped into the sales letter by accident, to a person that trusts you, is more curious about the product, has positive expectations and is more ready to buy.

When you’re effectively preselling a product you are also filtering the tire kickers and freebie seekers or the ones who are unlikely to buy the product from those who have solid need for the product and are willing to buy.

The more effectively you presell the program, the higher your conversions will be and the combination between your powerful preselling landing page and my already tested sales letter will maximize sales and your profits.

For example: which of the following methods do you think would be more effective?

Option #1: Placing a text link on your website that reads: “Click Here To Learn How To Cure Your Acne!”

Option #2: Placing a book cover of the program. Underneath is a caption that reads “Discover How Mike Walden, a nutritionist and former acne sufferer from California permanently cured his severe acne by clicking here!” The visitor then clicks on the ad is taken to a page that contains one of my book reviews. At the bottom of the review are a picture of my book and 2 links. One of the links directs the visitor to my website, and the other takes the visitor to a testimonial about the program that you have written.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that option 2 is going to pull in a much greater number of sales than option 1.

There are many powerful ways to presell the program regardless of where your traffic comes from and it’s simple: instead of sending prospects directly to my website, you send your traffic to your website where you either:

1. Write an honest and trustworthy review on the product.

2. Write a testimonial of the results you have achieved using the product.

3. Write a relevant article with a resource box and a link to my website.

4. Write a review of my product and offer a 5-7 day email mini course at the end in which you keep preselling the product throughout the course.

5. Write a short sales letter that presells my product. (You do not have permission to copy the Acne No More sales letter. First, it is copyright protected. Second, sending prospects from one sales letter to the exact sales letter is not preselling. It is pointless).

Fortunately, I take care of my affiliates. After all your success is my success. I have created all kinds of content that you can use to effectively presell my product. Just visit the marketing tools section and you’ll find everything preselling material that you need: articles, pictures, banners, reviews, sample pre-selling sales letters and much more.

Last note: if you are really serious about developing your preselling techniques, one of the greatest books ever written on preselling is by far “Make Your Content Preselll” by the father of all online marketers and the founder of, Key Evoy. And the best of all, it’s free!

Just go to:

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me personally.

Mike Walden,
Author and affiliate manager
Acne No More

Copyright 2015, Higher Ways Publishing Inc. Do Not Copy! Absolutely no reproduction of this article is permitted.

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