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Affiliate 101 - Your Own Website    

Your Own Website

If youíre serious about promoting the Acne No More program or any affiliate product for that matter in a professional manner and making long term income, then you must have your own website. Your need your own website so you could capture email addresses, presell the program to your prospects (I will speak more about preselling later on) and have a landing page where you could send prospects to from your pay per click campaigns.

You need a website not only to generate sales from the product youíre promoting but you also need to gain control and benefit from the traffic youíre generating in terms of building your subscriberís list and monazite it long term.

To increase your conversions and sales, you also need to presell the program and you canít pre-sell your prospects without a website.

Additionally, Google has recently instituted a policy change, which prohibits affiliates from linking directly to a merchant's site. So there you have another reason why you need to have your own website.

To build you own website you need two things: a domain name and web hosting service.

You can find cheap domains at: Or visit:

One of the very few trustworthy, reliable and professional hosting companies that we have personally worked with is Host Gator. With this hosting company you can rest assured that you are given the most up to date and professional service which allows you to safely and quietly grow your business without any technical hassle or worries and with a very small monthly investment.

If you're really serious about your online business go for the best hosting company there is. You'll thank me for it: Host Gator

Whatever you decide, donít go for the free hosting solutions. Itís not worth the headaches or the ads displayed on your account (this is how they cover costs). Additionally, it will make you look extremely unprofessional in the eyes of your prospects. Note: If youíre struggling for money, then you can always choose a free blogging solution like blogger ( or wordpress (

Now that you have your own website up and running, you got to know how to place content on your pages, format and edit it. For this you must either have basic HTML knowledge (you can find numerous html resources on the web such as, you can choose a web hosting solution that offers free html editors or you can go for the professional top-of-the-line software for creating affiliate pages quickly and easily.

Iím talking about Paul Smithson's Xsite Pro at:

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me personally.

Mike Walden,
Author and affiliate manager
Acne No More

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